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Big Burger to Swing into Ray's Monkey House's Old Spot

Photo: Zach Everson

No, Ray's Monkey House's former home isn't a dirt patch now because the long-shuttered coffee shop's unattended compost pile finally devoured the infrastructure. Rather the building at 1578 Bardstown Road was razed to accommodate a Big Burger, as Bardstown takes one more step towards fulfilling its destiny of becoming a lifestyle mall.

Poor Cumberland Brewery. In May, River City Drafthouse opened to the left (our right) of the local microbrewery. Now, a burger joint is slated to open on its other side, competing with Cumberland's menu. Maybe Cumberland Brewery still has bad karma from four years ago when it allowed a Katie King for judge sign in its window.

Highlights from the application Big Burger filed with the Bardstown Road Overlay District (as reported by the Deer Park Neighborhood Association):

The restaurant will have a "commercial storefront area in front of an existing house structure. This will allow more usable glass area along the sidewalk. The interior of the building will become restaurant seating area on the first floor, kitchen prep area on the second floor, and attic space on the 3rd floor. A rear deck will be constructed to allow outside dining, along with street-view bistro tables along sidewalk. Handicap access from parking will be accessed via new rear yard ramp system.

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Big Burger

1578 Bardstown Road, Louisville, KY 40205

Cumberland Brewery

1576 Bardstown Road, Louisville, KY 40205 502-458-8727 Visit Website