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Hillbilly Tea is expanding to Shanghai. (Yes, the Shanghai in China. Seriously.)

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Hillbilly_Tea.jpg[Photo: Courtesy Hillbilly Tea]

Hillbilly Tea is expanding to Shanghai (someone please alert Thomas Friedman). The downtown tea café plans to open a 30-table restaurant focusing on five or six dishes in China's largest city, hopefully by Christmas time, according to executive chef Apri and general manager Kyle Brown. Tea master Karter Louis was on his way to Shanghai Saturday night to prep for the opening.

Why Shanghai for Hillbilly Tea's second venue? Other than being home to 16.6 million Chinese, many of whom enjoy the occasional cup of tea, Louis had spent time in the city previously and the opportunity for an ideal spot for a new cafe presented itself.

Hillbilly Tea also plans to expand to Lexington (the one in Kentucky) and is considering spaces in Brooklyn and Harlem too.

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Hillbilly Tea

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Hillbilly Tea

120 South 1st Street, Louisville, KY 40202