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Wild Eggs Holds 'Free Breakfast For A Year' Contest In Honor Of 4 Million Eggs Served

Wild Eggs, an Eater Louisville top brunch spot, expects to serve its 4 millionth egg sometime in late January to mid-February. What's that mean for you, other than the possibility of roadside billboards mourning the loss of all those aborted chickens? The chance to win free breakfast for two for a year.

For the curious: Wild Eggs doesn't track the exact number of Everything Muffins it sells (which may hinder its chances for Six Sigma Certification), but estimates it's about 4,000 a week.

The rules:

Stop by any of Wild Eggs' three Louisville locations and order an egg dish (pancakes, waffles, muffins, etc. are not eligible) in order to have a chance at being served the four millionth egg. The winning egg will likely be served sometime in late January to mid-February. Following the four millionth egg announcement, each of the subsequent Wild Eggs locations will select 4,000,001, 4,000,002 and 4,000,003 egg recipients, awarding a total of over 400 free meals in one day. The four winners will each receive a $25 gift certificate every week for 52 weeks, valued at $1,300. The vouchers are transferable and can be given to someone else in the winner's absence.

Strategy tip: Station a person at each Wild Eggs location for the next four weeks. Once a winner is announced at one, quickly text your friends at the other Wild Eggs and have them order an egg dish.

[Photo: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,Courtesy Frisky Mongoose]

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