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Lamas_GRIT.jpg Seviche: A Latin Restaurant's Anthony Lamas will be the guest chef at City Grit, a New York culinary salon on Thursday, Jan. 24. Billed as Southern Spice, his six-course meal will feature the Southern-inspired Latin dishes like tuna old fashioned and nuevo Latino shrimp and grits that make Seviche one of Eater's 18 essential Louisville restaurants. Per the press release (a phrase that's the literary equivalent of a microwave dinner, but there's a time and a place), "City Grit, a concept created by chef Sarah Simmons to showcase culinary talent from around the country to a New York audience, offers a premier guest chef series. Past events have included appearances from Paul Qui, Sean Brock, April Bloomfield and more." [Press release]

Seviche A Latin Restaurant

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