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Taco Punk Needs A Kick Start News Roundup

·WFPL ran a point/counterpoint with noted Taco Punk critic Rae Hodge and Taco Punk's chef and owner Gabe Sowder (Sowder was the one arguing in favor of the Kickstarter campaign). [WFPL]

·Sowder declares himself "a modest man who prefers to let the food do the talking" in a 714-word message board post. [Louisville Hot Bytes]

·"Pleading puts the hip, bourgeoisie eatery on par with the likes of the Dare to Care Food Bank, which sounds like the plot for an episode of 'Portlandia.'" [LEO Weekly]

·New Albanian Brewing Company's co-owner and Roger Baylor shared his insight as a local captain of industry. Executive summary: "Taco Punk will sink, or it will swim. Give Taco Punk money if you want, or eat there more often...or do nothing at all." [NA Confidential]

·Ashlee Clark Thompson wondered why foodies are so mad at Sowder. [Ashlee Eats]

·"Undeterred by critics, Taco Punk Kickstarter campaign continues". [WFPL]

·"Many people love the new restaurants in the NuLu District of Louisville, but one place is fighting to stay open," reports Gene Kang. Yep, many people do love them. [WHAS 11]

[Photo: WHAS 11's Gene Kang eats a nacho. Courtesy WHAS 11]

Taco Punk

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