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Holy Grale To Pair Food With Dogfish Head And Live Bonnie 'Prince' Billy Performance

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Clearly the event most people first associate with Louisville is the Jane Austen Festival Kentucky Derby. But at the end of the Holy Grale's latest newsletter though is an event that better exemplifies what the city is about, culturally anyway, in 2013: "an off-centered celebration of food, brews and song (Holy Grale + Dogfish Head + Bonnie Prince Billy)."

This dinner, song, & beer pairing event will be premiering the newest Dogfish beer at this event (sixty one) and Will Oldham will be selling 50 limited-edition Bonnie "Prince" Billy vinyl albums with songs he and Dogfish did together... and each album comes with a man-hug.
Seatings for the March 4 event ($115 plus gratuity) are at 6 and 9 p.m.

Here's what chef Josh Lehman, Dogfish Head and Oldham have in store for the evening (it's more thorough than the rolling paper and herb you usually pair with a night of Bonnie "Prince" Billy):

Food: Tuna & Szechuan Peppercorn
Beer: sixty one
Song: "sixty one"

Food: Thai Shellfish Soup
Beer: 60-minute
Song: "Sixty-Minute Man"

Food: Goat Cheese & Carmelized Onion Tart
Beer: Red & White
Song: "Night Noises"

Food: Cacio e Pepe
Beer: Birra Etrusca
Song: "Sporca Estate"

Food: Quail & Dumplings
Beer: Noble Rot
Song: "Quail & Dumplings"

Food: Lambstrami
Beer: Burton Baton
Song: "Beaten & Broken"

Food: Apple Beignets
Beer: Palo Santo
Song: "Love Comes to Me"

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[Photo: Courtesy Drag City/Valgeir Sigurðsson]

Holy Grale

1034 Bardstown Road, Louisville, Kentucky 40204 502-459-9939