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If It's Monday, There Must Be Fourth Street Live Closings

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Angels Rock Bar and Mosaic Night Club and Lounge are both out of business at the embattled Fourth Street Live, Insider Louisville reported today, confirming what The Ville Voice speculated on Friday. The shutterings come on the heels of the closing of Louisville Improv and The Pub, Mozzaria's planned transition into Quattro and a nasty-ass lawsuit against Maker's Mark Bourbon House & Lounge that led to it being branded "The Most Racist Restaurant in America."

Billed as "Louisville's only true rock-n-roll bar," the shuttering of Angel's Rock Bar means rock is dead in Louisville. Never mind, turns out there's a Hard Rock Cafe next door. Hooray! Angels had been in business since February 2008 according to Insider Louisville, which is four years according to Insider Louisville but actually five years according to almost everyone else (use your fingers and work it out). Mosaic made it a whopping eight months.

At this rate your best bet to catch a buzz at Fourth Street Live might be CVS's cold medicine aisle. Now, if only it'd dim the lights, blast a Rihanna remix and hire some scantily clad ladies to offer NyQuil shooters.

And while Eater previously reported "rumor has it, if one more Fourth Street Live business goes under, Bruce Springsteen will write an acoustic song about the block," that prediction doesn't seem to be the case. So instead, sing along to his "My City's in Ruins," and replace "My City" with "Fourth Street." Come on, rise up.

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[Photo: Courtesy Facebook/Angels Rock Bar]

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