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Lil Cheezers Restaurant Has Shuttered; the Food Truck Will Continue to Operate

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Lil Cheezers restaurant has closed, according to a post on its Facebook page 30 minutes ago. Today is the last day for the Baxter Avenue Sandwich Shop. The Lil Cheezers food truck, however, will continue to operate.

Chef/owner Matt Davis opened the brick-and-mortar restaurant in August 2012. His food truck had been in operation since early 2011. "Unused coupons, groupons, deal chickens, metromart and all the rest will still be redeemed on the trucks," according to a comment on the Facebook thread.

Eater Louisville learned of the closing via an anonymous tip. See something interesting? Let us know.

Here's the announcement in its entirety:

It is with a heavy heart and with much regret that I must inform our fans that Lil Cheezers the restaurant will be closing its doors for good today. We had a good run but the restaurant game is a tough one, especially in a town with so many amazing choices. We have had much fun and many laughs, seen and met some amazing people and will remember our time here forever.

The good news is that those awesome experiences will continue as I'll be getting back to my roots and continuing on with the LEO Weekly Readers Choice Best Food Truck in Louisville. Lil Cheezers as a brand is not dead, it is very much alive and well. Doing what its supposed to be doing and thats driving around the city slangin delicious grilled cheese sammies to our loyal and devoted fans.

This is not the end for Lil Cheezers by far. We are a mobile business and thats where we need to stay. Lets say good bye to the restaurant and hello to another year of slammin food truck business. Thanks to everyone for all the support. It has given us the confidence to keep on truckin.

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[Photo: Courtesy Facebook/Lil Cheezers]

Lil Cheezers

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