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Mayan Cafe Hosting Burrito and Margarita Nights Mondays in November

Each Monday in November, Mayan Cafe is hosting a burrito and margarita night, pairing, um, burritos with margaritas. "Price range will be somewhere between $15 and $20 for both a burrito and a margarita, depending on flavors and proteins," according to Mayan Cafe's general manager and partner, Anne Shadle.

There'll be a 20 percent discount for industry employees too.

Executive chef Bruce Ucan's pairings will include

·brisket, poached pears and figs in a white espresso mole sauce paired with a tamarind margarita
·fish and chips burrito—fried fish and french fries, rolled into a burrito, deep-fried, topped with cole slaw and served with a tomatillo sauce, paired with a sage-cilantro margarita
·succotash burrito—sweet potatoes, corn, lima beans, jalapeno jack cheese with a sorghum-mustard sauce, paired with a cinnamon-orange margarita

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[Photo: Courtesy Facebook/Mayan Cafe]

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