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Commonwealth Tap Now Open and Serving in Norton Commons

Today marks the one-week anniversary of Neil Morgan and Alex Tinker's re-imagined/expanded edition of their former 4 Flights Wine Shop, now debuting down the street as Commonwealth Tap. There is a much wider selection of wine for sale by the bottle, along with a new and sample-spurring number of buying options.

There are eight on-tap wine kegs, 12 bottles preserved through an inert-gas cuvinet system, and a selection of open bottles for your pouring pleasure. Choices include on-tap Acrobat Pinot Gris and "from the winekeeper" LIOCO Hirsch Pinot Noir. The printed menu has drinking options ranging from 2-ounce tastes to 1-liter carafes, with several "bottle pour" options handwritten on a mirror behind the bar. With its wood tables and long, stool-lined bar (complete with a large on-street ordering window accessible by outside tables) it's a comfortable place to stop by for a drink—but at the moment, that's about all you can get. Commonwealth Tap lacks a kitchen, and while a bartender said the place plans to introduce some cheese, crackers, charcuterie and other brought-in food, for now all that's available for palate cleansing is some spicy, crunchy bar mix.
— Steve Hacker
· Norton Commons [Official Site]
[Photo courtesy Michelle Turner]

Commonwealth Tap

9411 Norton Commons Blvd., Louisville, KY