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The Rudyard Kipling Sets Regular Hours

The Rudyard Kipling has been an Old Louisville landmark for almost 30 years, yet outside of their scheduled events they had no set hours of business. General Manager Julia Davis says "the days of 'not knowing when the Rud is open' are over."

The restaurant/theatre/bar will now be open to the public for drinks, food and entertainment every Thursday-Saturday from 6 p.m. to 12 a.m., in addition to their scheduled music and theatre events. The kitchen serving their famous 'Handmade Here-made Whole–Wheat Thin-Crust with Poppy-seeds/Sunflower-seeds/Soy-beans/Wheat-Germ/Ground-Flax-seed' pizzas will stay open until 11 p.m. "The whole point of this place is to have it be open so that people can come and appreciate it and enjoy the atmosphere and entertainment," says Davis, who adds that the staff has been working hard to make the landmark shine. "We had a big run of plays about three years ago and we'd like to have more. I think this is the best sit-in dinner theatre in Louisville."

So rest easy now, knowing you can swing by your favorite Old Louisville landmark for a drink and don't need to memorize their event schedule.
— Daniel Alten
· The Rudyard Kipling [Official Site]
[Image courtesy The Rudyard/Facebook]

The Rudyard Kipling

422 West Oak Street, Louisville, KY