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Readers Vote: 20 Must-Have Food Truck Dishes

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Eater Louisville recently asked what are Louisville's must-have food truck dishes . We received 32 responses, which are consolidated with duplicates removed after the jump. No map this time because, you know, food trucks are mobile. Did our readers forget a dish? Give us your suggestions in the comments.

·"Bahn Mi at the French Indo Canada truck. No brick and mortar has touched it yet. Cilantro for days, son."

·"Grind or B&B burgers from Grind. Okinamayaki (sp?) fries from French Indo Canada"

·"Jerked pork at Jam Pan"

·"Anything and everything from Traveling Kitchen. Their tacos are amazing. The bulgogi beef and tempura fish kill it in every way, and you won't find better pan fried dumplings anywhere."

·"my dad likes the Missipppi Fat Back from Booty's. I had their patty melt. both were superb. also love the caprese grilled cheese from cheezers."

·"Black Rock Grille's burgers are the stuff of my dreams. In fact, I think I'm going to go stalk them on Facebook right now to see where they're set up..."

·"Bulgogi tacos w/kimchi from holy mole, carnitas from urban kitchen, the shrimp and grits from grind that they made for one of the food truck mixup things at apocalypse."

·"Charlie's Whiz Bang steak sandwich with jalapenos and Death By Garlic fries from Johnny's Diner Car - to die for!!"

·"The veggie burger from grind"

·"a Stink n Swine from Black Rock Grille. Now I'm hungry..."

·"The garlic fries from Black Rock Grille are quite delicious!"

·"Spanish burger from grind and death by garlic fries to go with it, if not in mood for burger fancy pants from Lil cheezers"

·"Jam Pan jerk chicken and beef patties. Lil Cheesers CBLT"

·"the Chorizo and Potato tacos at Holy Mole!"

·"Poutine from French Indo Canada; Bulgogi or pork (jeyuk bokkeum?) tacos from Traveling Kitchen."

·"the douglass loop special burger that the grind did once at the douglass loop farmer's market"

·"Carnitas tacos and elote from Holy Mole."

·"Grind 'gonna die' burger for sure! Also, Holy Molé crab taco."

·"Tio Miguel on the Indiana side his mondo burritos are my ultimate fave!!!"

·"You can not live on burgers alone. Turtle brownie from the Dessert Truck!"

·Health Dept. Official: Goal is to Introduce Food Truck Letter Grades by Year-End [~ELOU~]
·Launching Today, Where The Trucks At App Helps iOS Users Locate Louisville Food Trucks [~ELOU~]

[Photo: Courtesy Facebook/Louisville Street Food Alliance]

Traveling Kitchen

Moving target, Louisville, KY 40202 502-533-0855

Urban Kitchen

Moving target, Louisville, KY

Louisville Dessert Truck

Moving Target!, Louisville, KY 40208 502-635-2550

Grind Gourmet Burger Truck

Moving Target, Louisville, KY 40215 502-851-7333

Holy Mole Taco Truck

Moving target, Louisville, KY 40202

Lil Cheezers

938 Baxter Avenue, Louisville, KY 40204 502-409-7424

Jam Pan

Moving Target, Louisville, KY 502-759-3155 Visit Website

French Indo Canada

Moving target, Louisville, KY 40204

Black Rock Grille

Food truck, Louisville, KY 40202 502-297-3424