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Eight Fun Facts About El Camino

El Camino opens on Oct. 14, but you knew that. At first Shawn Cantley and Larry Rice's follow-up to Silver Dollar will be open for dinner and weekend brunch, but the plan is to eventually extend the hours. Also in the works, putting a bakery in the former Luna Boutique spot next door.

Here are eight fun facts about El Camino:

·The beef is local, was grass-fed when it was alive, and the plan is to use the entire cow.

·The lower level is mostly one big-ass bar (picture at the beginning of this article), with high and low tables on the periphery.

·Save the tortillastortas and baja tacos, the menu is gluten-free.

·Brian Enyart, the former chef de cuisine at Rick Bayless's one-Michelin-star Topolobampo in Chicago, has been hanging out in El Camino's kitchen of late.

·The board the salsa cups go into is made out of reclaimed bourbon barrels. Eater Louisville is investigating whether it's a requirement for all restaurants in the city to incorporate retired bourbon barrels.

·While renovating the former Avalon building, windows on the back wall were found beneath the dry wall. They have been excavated.

·The top level will mostly be used for private dining.

·Heat lamps are slated to be installed in the outside bar.

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[Photo: Zach Everson]

El Camino

1314 Bardstown Road, Louisville, KY 40204 502-454-5336 Visit Website

The Silver Dollar

1761 Frankfort Avenue, Louisville, KY 40206 502-259-9540 Visit Website