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Free Food From Three Restaurants Thanksgiving Eve

[Image via Heart & Soy/Roots]

Tofu manufacturer, local restaurant icon and all-around-good-person Huong "Coco" Tran continues her charitable Thanksgiving Eve tradition of free food. November 27 is "Customer Appreciation Day," which means no charge for dishes at Heart Soy or Roots. This year the offer also extends to "nest of goodness" Four Sisters, started in Tran's former Zen Garden space by the Nguyen sisters, friends of Tran.
Instead of payment, patrons are encouraged to donate to a fund shared by Waterstep, Kentucky Refugee Ministries, Anchal Project, and Compassionate Service Society. Since Tran began "Customer Appreciation Day" in 2001, she has helped raise over $45,000 for a variety of non-profit organizations.

Four Sisters

2246 Frankfort Avenue, Louisville, KY 40206 502-384-4262