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Loudness, Latinophobia Conflict Marty Rosen at 'Exceptional' El Camino

Photo: Whitney Harrod Morris

Marty Rosen declares El Camino "destined to become one of Louisville's most polarizing restaurants" before going on to a multi-item list of a menu he describes as "a magnificent tribute to Mexican cuisine that runs the gamut from simple to extravagant." What will have folks at odds? Mostly music and Mexican wrestlers:

Some diners will object to the sound levels; others will revel in a soundtrack that pivots from Mexican-American border accordion to California punk to twanging surf guitars.

Some may take issue with the decorative skulls and skeletons that invoke the Dia de los Muertos celebration, while others will take giddy delight in watching masked, sequined Mexican wrestlers cavorting on the video monitors mounted throughout the space.

Rosen goes on to say "some folks" will "question why a city situated on the banks of the Ohio in the heart of Bourbon country needs a beachcomber bar and restaurant that celebrates coastal fantasies and Mexican street food and features an artisanal tiki cocktail program with dozens of rums..." After examining the decor (and admitting he was "easily recognizable to the El Camino staff") Rosen goes on to detail the dishes he and "some diners" enjoyed.
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El Camino

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