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Rudyard Sale

Image courtesy The Rudyard/Facebook

The Rudyard Kipling reportedly has been sold to William and Amy Enix, owners of Mellwood Café & Catering and That Place on Goss. The sale should be closed on January 2. Current owner Ken Pyle believes the Enixes will bring a Sunday brunch buffet to "The Rud." He added" "We think it's going to be a great handoff." [Insider Louisville]
· The Rudyard Kipling Website
· Mellwood Café & Catering Website
· That Place on Goss Website

That Place On Goss

946 Goss Ave., Louisville, KY 40217 502-625-3001 Visit Website

The Rudyard Kipling

422 W Oak Street, Louisville, KY 40203 502-636-1311 Visit Website