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Rosen Divines Spirits at Gatsby's, Garr Misremembers Review of Cheddar Box Too

Photo: Bisig Impact Group/James Moses

This week Robin Garr goes to lunch at Chenoweth Square's Cheddar Box Too for LEO Weekly, seemingly forgetting he already made the trip back in 2012 for The Voice-Tribune. Last year Garr "dropped in for a lunch," this year he claims he's "been in for breakfast dishes before." In 2012 Garr was "surprised to find the Benedictine BLT missing." Last week he "discover[s] with some incredulity" that the sandwich "is available ... from the take-out shop but not on your plate at Cheddar Box Too." Though last year's Garr said the menu was "loaded with Cheddar Box favorites," this year's model grumps the "truncated selection … can be mildly frustrating at times if you want a Cheddar Box favorite."

Forgetfulness and frustration aside, Garr finds "plenty more to tickle your taste buds" at Cheddar Box Too. Pan-seared salmon salad "made a stylish bistro meal" with its "intriguing mix of veggies and fruit, tomatoes and cukes and mango dice, in a sweet-tart mango vinaigrette." Garr's Garden Press sandwich "packed a lot of flavor in its veggie smorgasbord," but its cheese had a "melty stringiness was fun but made it a real mess to eat as long strands hung from sandwich to mouth to plate." Thanks for the mental picture, Robin! [The Voice-Tribune/LEO Weekly]

Marty Rosen's review of Gatsby's on Fourth dives right in to The Seelbach's desire to cash in on F. Scott Fitzgerald's literary contribution/hotel connection. Despite noting how "Fitzgerald's bourbon-laced evening resulted in his getting expelled forcefully from the hotel," Rosen claims "Fitzgerald would be glad to know…a person who wants a Seelbach Cocktail (bourbon, bitters, triple sec, champagne) can certainly have one." Extending his allegory, Rosen says Gatsby's "has a posh, cool look that…seems exactly the sort of upscale cafe where Daisy Buchanan and company might drop in for a classic club sandwich."

"Foodwise," Rosen sees Gatsby-esque manifestations of a "bold spirit" in Executive Chef Matt Durham's menu, though he seems uncertain of what really makes it Jazz Age. Is "the spirit of the place … best exemplified by the breakfast buffet," or is "the spirit of the place..better captured by the ABLT—avocado, bacon, limestone bibb lettuce, tomato?" Either way, Rosen says "you might try the apple strudel … or better yet, the Seelbach Pie ice cream." [Courier-Journal]

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The Cheddar Box Too!

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