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Meta Swears It's Set To Meet Repeal Day Open

"We did a lot of repurposing…the mirror behind the bar is old stripper mirror, the railing will be old stripper pole," said co-owner Jeremy Johnson of his he-promises-it's-true-this-time soon to open cocktail project, Meta as he waited for the hand-screened wallpaper to arrive from New York. At last sight partner Hannah Kandle was still tiling Meta's floor with polished pennies—at least the first 900 square feet, which Johnson says will be open by Repeal Day, December 5. Another 1400 square feet of ex-speakeasy, ex-Schumann's Click Clinic, ex-strip club space (which Johnson described as "quite a rat's nest when we got here") will hopefully be refitted by Derby 2014.
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425 W. Chestnut St. Louisville, KY 40202