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Mayan Cafe's Veggie Burrito Hazes LEO Weekly's Garr, But He Likes It

In LEO Weekly, "hombre" Robin Garr marks it a 91 for NuLu's Mayan Cafe. Garr starts off not quite sure that the 1997 opening's presence is a plus for the city: "It says something good about Louisville's dining scene, I think, that our town's Latino dining experiences go way beyond just plain Mexican." But getting manhandled by a bean-filled tortilla convinces him Mayan Cafe's existence is a positive for Louisville. "The veggie burrito ($12) was amazing, one of those meatless dishes that sounds like it might be boring but then kicks you in the butt and chases you around the dining room, in a good way. A large, tender tortilla is folded around a healthy portion of diced potato, sweet caramelized cabbage and onion chunks, earthy black beans and spicy jalapeño jack cheese, plated atop a spicy tomatillo-chile sauce and topped with two soft-fried eggs and field lettuces. You can turn it into a meatful dish by super-sizing it with pork for $3, but that's unnecessary. This veggie masterwork stands alone." [Louisville Hot Bytes]

Marty Rosen topped his New Albany's La Bocca NY Style Pizzeria experience with 2.5 stars in the Louisville Courier-Journal. "Pastas (spaghetti, penne, linguini and rigatoni) can be dressed with satisfying simplicity (garlic and oil, $6.50), with a luscious Alfredo ($9), or in a red or white clam sauce ($9.50). And even if a plate of shrimp scampi ($15) suffered because the featured ingredient was overcooked and dry, the flavors were nicely balanced, and the sauce itself was an intense expression of garlic and the faintly briny flavor of the ocean. Better executed was eggplant rollatini ($12.50), tight cylinders of thinly sliced eggplant wrapped around a savory, oozing core of ham and ricotta. And there's no denying the ample comforts of dishes like baked ziti ($8.50) or piping hot meaty, cheesy lasagna ($10.50)." [Louisville Courier-Journal]

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[Photo: Courtesy Facebook/Mayan Cafe]

La Bocca NY Style Pizzeria

2708 Paoli Pike, New Albany, IN 47119 812-945-7711

Mayan Café

813 E Market Street, Louisville, KY 40206 502-566-0651 Visit Website