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Robin Garr Had Rolls He Loved At Saigon / We Got A Review Of Them In Our Arms Now

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For LEO Weekly, Robin Garr opened his review on Saigon Cafe, which he scored an 87, with this jewel on the Orient: "For those of us who grew up in an age when we thought a bipartisan series of presidents wanted to send us off to exotic places with strange names like 'Vietnam' and 'Thailand' to meet nice people and kill them, it is a fine thing that we now go to Vietnamese and Thai restaurants right here in Louisville, meet nice people and eat their delicious food." This isn't the way the review ends. It moves on to talk about food. But with a whimper, I'm fucking splitting, Jack. [LEO Weekly]

Apparently it was Asian Restaurant Week for Louisville reviewers. So the Louisville Courier-Journal, an outlet many Kentuckians outside of this city think may have fallen to the communists, dispatched Marty Rosen to hiko-A-mon. The online edition omitted his rating again, so let's get creative:

Saigon Cafe

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