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AP Crafters Has Closed

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AP Crafters Kitchen and Bar has closed. According to an anonymous tip Eater received, workers were seen at the Westport Village sports bar yesterday hauling out "stuff." The workers refused to comment when our tipster asked them for details.

When called at 2:50 p.m., Tony Palombino, AP Crafters' founder, was on his way to meetings and unavailable to comment. This article will be updated should he do so. A thread on Louisville Hot Bytes speculates landlord issues are to blame for the closing,

Critics lauded the 2011 opening, but then again that's usually the case 'round these parts.

AP Crafters' website is now almost bare, saying just "Thanks for everything, Louisville. It was fun." Links to its Facebook page now redirect to Facebook's home page. And its Twitter account hasn't been updated since December anyway. Once an AP Crafters rep remembers they had a Twitter in the first place, it seems likely that account will be closed too.

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[Photo: Courtesy AP Crafters]