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Yelp Thinks Game Has A Service Problem

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A tipster with front of the house experience at other Louisville restaurants pointed Eater towards Game's Yelp reviews to corroborate his own service-related complaints about the Lexington Road gourmet burger joint.

Opened six weeks ago by the chef/owners of Hammerheads, Adam Burress and Chase Mucerino, Game pulls three stars out of five on 14 reviews. Ratings are split evenly, with three Yelpers each giving it two, three, four and five stars and just two reviewers scoring it one star.

While most of the negative reviews declare the food excellent, they flay the service:

· "I wanted to give them a higher star review but there were major issues that the delicious food couldn't overcome...On the menu it states that things leave the kitchen as they are ready. That's all good and well, but when multiple people in the party order the same thing (kangaroo burger) and one receives their food 20 minutes later, that is just ridiculous. Also ridiculous is having fries show up 45 minutes after the first food was dropped - well after everyone finished eating. They were good, but COME ON." [Jessica L.]

·"(This review only gives them two stars but its due to service problems which Im sure they will soon work out. The food is amazing!)...We ordered the Scotch eggs, which appear in the menu under the heading "Starters". Which would lead one to believe they are appetizers? We also ordered two burgers, two orders of fries and two custom dipping sauces. My order of fries came out far before anything else. When I told the waiter (not our waitress) dropping them at our table that we had ordered the Scotch Eggs as an appetizer, his response was "we bring the food out while its hot and fresh. You will get the eggs eventually." My thought was, well damn good thing I didnt order dessert then! They might have brought that out first! Come to find out the waitress never fired the order for our eggs." [Doug D. ]

·"As excellent as the burgers are (and they're really, really good), nothing could come close to compensating for the rude conduct of the owner, who came storming out of the kitchen to "solve" a problem with our order and was so offensive in his words & demeanor we walked out ." [Bethany H.]

·"My rating in one sentence: Good food, unique options, hip atmosphere, shit service...I watch as the bartender franticly takes orders and pours drinks. Meanwhile he is trying to communicate with the dazed and confused servers and kitchen staff. All three visits he took my order 45 minutes after I was ready to give it. He gave me serious attitude when I wanted to customize my burger, further making me feel stupid. Maybe I am stupid, but I don't want bone marrow mayo. I got more attitude when I asked to have our bill split between my card and my friend's card... I work two jobs in the food service industry- server/bartender. I understand how crazy a packed restaurant can be. I also understand how much of a setback a naive customer can be. But I know the importance of making a customer feel welcome and appreciated." [J.C.]

·"My recommendation is to give this place a few months to work out the timing kinks. The food is excellent, but for now, I'd recommend showing up on a weeknight, early on the weekend, or not at all. I think the turnaround will get significantly faster over time, but for now, avoid this place on Friday and Saturday nights unless you want to turn your gourmet burger and fry fix into a 2.5 hour outing." [Jordan M.]

"Who doesn't want to eat all the animals? That's what Game promises. But what they don't tell you is that you're gonna have to get savage if you want to get a table. They don't take reservations. Hell, they don't even answer their phone. It's all asses and elbows any given night. What's with that trend? It makes customers feel like the contents of their wallet, not their dining experience, is what's important...But, it took over an hour to get a table and forever to order. Once we were able to get someone to pay attention to us, the food did come out relatively quickly. But damn, you have to fight for your right to get fed up in there." [Jessica B.]

Eaten at Game? Share your thoughts on the service in the comments.

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