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Local Bar Seeks 'Dwarf' for St. Patrick's Day

A Louisville-area bar is "looking to hire a dwarf for St. Patricks Day," according to a Craigslist ad:

I am looking to hire a dwarf as a leprechaun for st pattys day at a local bar. Good pay and lots of fun! MUST be professional but also able to be outgoing and have a good time with customers;) Must be available all day on st Patrick's day;) please email me to discuss further if interested! Thank you!

(As your mother taught you, of course, the correct term for people with dwarfism is "little people.")

Attempts to uncover the actual bar were unsuccessful. Eater's legal team advised against repurposing pictures downloaded online of a little person without his or her permission. And photographs of this editor either didn't look small enough or didn't appear to have the professional appearance this gig required.

If you're interested in more information about the gig, the poster's anonymized Craigslist email address is Think you can ID the bar? Speculate away in the comments.

And here's a photo of the actual ad lest it disappear:

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[Photo: Courtesy The Holiday Spot]