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Taco Punk Says METCO 'Lawsuit Will Not Move Forward'

Taco Punk chef and owner Gabe Sowder chatted with WFPL's Jonathan Bastian yesterday about METCO's $33,000 legal complaint against his NuLu quick service, gourmet taco shop, as well as its failed Kickstarter campaign.

Among the conversation's highlights:

·"We'd just fallen behind on the payments. They'd [METCO] sent us a letter from the county attorney that we never got, so we weren't really made aware that this action was going to happen and we never really had any chance to have any recourse to it until we were served with the papers...they just wanted contact. We made contact with them, submitted a payment plan, made a payment and the lawsuit will not move forward."
·"The loan thing was fairly unforeseen so there was absolutely no connection between the two [lawsuit and Kickstarter campaign] at all."
·"If I was on the corner of Eastern Parkway and Bardstown Road, I wouldn't have done the Kickstarter campaign. The great thing about NuLu is that it is new. That's kind of a double-edged sword at this moment in that there's tons of potential. But potential doesn't pay the bills."

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[Photos: Top, Taco Punk Courtesy Kickstarter/The Taco Punk Expansion Project]

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