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C-J's Rosen Gets In Touch With His Inner Princess

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Continuing to gyp readers who refuse to pay for the paper edition (icky newsprint soils one's tea gloves), the online version of Marty Rosen's Sisters Tea Parlor and Boutique review for the Louisville Courier-Journal omitted the rating. So let's deduce:

For the Voice Tribune, Robin Garr reviewed hiko-A-mon—the same restaurant Rosen reviewed for the Courier-Journal last week. Fun fact: if you read both hiko-A-mon reviews out loud simultaneously while also watching The Wizard of Oz, starting at the third lion's roar, Dorothy commits hara-kiri. "As usual at Hiko-A-Mon, we were happy with all our dishes. Two paper-thin slices of tan-shio (beef tongue ($6.95) were quickly pan-seared and simply served with chopped chives and a lemon wedge. Veggie tempura ($5.95) were sizzling in a feather-light but not entirely grease-free coating. Cucumber roll sushi ($3) and scrambled egg tamago ($1.50) were well-made and fresh. The aforementioned bento ($20.95) came in a two-story box that looked a bit like a Sears Craftsman tool kit loaded with crispy shrimp and asparagus tempura, luscious bites of beefy tuna and sweet salmon sashimi; a large, crisp, fresh fried oyster; a bite of deeply flavored pork, and a dab of cool shredded sunomono cucumber pickle." [Voice-Tribune]

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[Photo: Courtesy Sisters Tea Parlor]


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