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Bourbon 101 Class Matures into Full-Blown Series

Thursday night at the Silver Dollar's private upstairs bar, New2Lou held another of its Bourbon 101 classes. It was the third time this year Hawthorn Beverage Group, a spirits branding company, led a packed house through the basics of bourbon. The day before, New2Lou and Hawthorn Beverage Group announced the class has matured into a series: Bourbon 101, 102 and 103. Bourbon 102 will be held April 25 at the Silver Dollar with Bourbon 103 taking place on May 24 at Moonshine University.

"The goal of these events is to not only provide bourbon education, but to also provide a social opportunity to network and meet new people," according to a press release. Tying one on beforehand, of course, makes that mingling all the easier.

"New2Lou is a social organization designed as a resource for transplants to Louisville, who are looking to meet people, try new places and connect to the community," according to the organization's website.

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[Photo: Whitney Harrod Morris]

The Silver Dollar

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