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Robin Garr Compared Norton Commons to New York City, But It Was Possibly the Opium Talking

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Robin Garr scored Norton Commons's Tea Station an 85 out of ??? for LEO Weekly. But more significant to your interests, the review's intro: "We rolled up to our destination in the gathering darkness, and I found a parking spot at the curb out front. I turned, looked up, and ? wow! This looks just like our old neighborhood in New York City! It's a sturdy, three-story block of brick, not brownstone — visualize Queens, not Greenwich Village — with cozy lights in apartment windows on the upper floors, and busy storefronts opening on the street: a meat market, an Italian gelato shop and a family-run Chinese eatery." Robin, opium don't smoke itself. Anyway, Garr's high wore off and, like many people coming down, he ordered some Chinese. "We started with a pair of egg rolls ($3), shatteringly crisp-fried won-ton pastry, sizzling if not quite grease-free, wrapped around rice noodles, shredded carrots and veggies, served with a dab of sinus-clearing Chinese mustard and a sweet-hot spicy ketchup. Veggie roll sushi ($6.95) was an attractively plated 'inside-out' roll stuffed with tender avocado, crisp cucumber and 'crab,' covered with black and white sesame seeds." [LEO Weekly]

River City Winery pulls a

Tea Station

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