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Mixer Video and Piano Bar Coming to the Highlands

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Mixer, a piano bar "with no food service, just drinks" is set to open early this spring at the intersection of Alta Avenue and Bardstown Road, Insider Louisville reported. The space was formerly home to The Pink Door Boutique.

According to the little man in the bottom of Mixer's home page who owns an iPhone but magically vanishes, sadly leaving his iPhone behind (and it's an iPhone 5 too!), "Louisville's premier video and piano bar" will feature "live music, daily drink specials and an always inviting crowd.

Eater Louisville's source, that'd be Mixer's website, claims the featured drinks appear to be

·Salted Caramel Stoli Vodka Martini
·Cucumber Chambord Hendricks Gin Martini
·Tangerine Stoli Vodka Martini

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[Photo: Courtesy Mixer]


1565 Bardstown Road, Louisville, KY 40205