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Louisville Finally Gets Garr's Chipotle Review

With two-thirds of the article reviewing Chipotle's business model, you'd be excused for thinking LEO Weekly published Robin Garr's writing sample for a Business First gig. But there at the end, after talk of "subtly aromatic cilantro-lime rice, tender black beans" and "a carnitas burrito at least as big as, if not bigger than, your head," was the score: a lowly 82. If that rating, damn near the bottom of the Robin Meter, doesn't scare you off, you'll find Garr's tutorial on how to order at a fast casual restaurant quite helpful. "It's very simple to order here, once you and the guy behind the counter establish communication. Check the clearly listed calorie and sodium content if you dare, then choose one of the four basic categories: burrito, taco, burrito "bowl" (the innards without the wrap) or salad. Take your choice of steak, beef barbacoa or pork carnitas ($6.65), or chicken or veggie ($6.25). Pick from four salsas and sundry toppings; watch the guy build your lunch, pay and eat in or take out." [LEO Weekly]

Including a rating in the online version of his Kayrouz Cafe review must have necessitated additional postage when Marty Rosen mailed it in last week to the Louisville Courier-Journal. So he left it out of the envelope (again). But based on phrases like "the classics are nice," "I've heard that some folks don't like carrot cake" and "my kingdom for some horseradish, say I," let's infer Rosen's score was a

Kayrouz Cafe

3801 Willis Avenue, Louisville, KY 40207 502-896-2630