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St. Charles Exchange Goes 'Back to Basics' With New Cocktail Menu

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Fresh off representing Kentucky in Grubstreet's listicle, "Outstanding Drinks From All 50 States," St. Charles Exchange has unveiled a new cocktail menu. From the press release:

Bar master Colin Shearn is getting back to basics. With a menu featuring tried-and-true drinks and their respective years of inception, Shearn's vision is to host a classic cocktail revival in the bourbon-soaked hallowed halls of St. Charles. "It's important to set a baseline for the classics - not just for the guests, but also for the staff," says Shearn. With such libations as the "Jet Pilot" from 1958 and the "French 75" from 1927, not to mention "Admiral Dawson's Punch" circa 1772, we'd say he's setting one heck of a cocktail baseline.

View St. Charles Exchange's new cocktail menu at the end of this article.

The downtown restaurant also promoted Tyler Powell to executive chef (he had been sous chef) and Lauren Farrar to general manager.


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[Photo: Courtesy Facebook/St. Charles Exchange]

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