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Lynn's Paradise Cafe Has Re-Striped Its Parking Lot

Lynn's Paradise Cafe has re-striped its parking lot according to a WHAS 11 report that contains no other new information about the shuttered restaurant.

Are the new parking lines in the same spots as before? Or will Lynn's longtime legion of fans have to park in slightly different spots should the restaurant be reincarnated? Sadly WHAS 11's report doesn't say.

Flooding the zone is a journalism strategy, most notably advocated by then-New York Times executive editor Howell Raines, in which a media outlet attempts to dominate a story by covering every angle of it. (Raines was latter later canned when his paper failed to abide by a different journalism tenet—don't have reporters who make shit up.) Sometimes, however, the zone's been so flooded the ground beneath it has eroded and there's no longer a story to stand on.

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[Photo: Courtesy WHAS 11]

Lynn's Paradise Cafe

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