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C-J's Rosen Loves Quattro, Rates It

Marty Rosen's rating in the Louisville Courier-Journal was again classified for online readers, so we'll surmise a

"Ah, burgers! Who doesn't like a good, juicy burger?" Robin Garr asks, kicking off his LEO Weekly review of Mussel & Burger Bar (which rated an 89 on a scale of about 74 to 99). Allotting just 30 seconds to the task, here's what this editor came up with for burger haters (feel free to play along in the comments): devout Hindus, vegans, cattle, animal-rights activists, the owner of and quite likely Mayor McCheese."They'll tickle your palate with such succulent combinations as the Argentinian ($13), a Latin-style stack of ground Angus, earthy provoleta (thick-cut provolone), sweet caramelized onions, Argentine chorizo sausage and garlicky green chimichurri sauce. The Good Ole burger ($10) is the benchmark standard, an Angus burger topped with cheddar, red onions, tomato and Boston lettuce. As with most of the burgers, it comes with an order of fresh if not particularly inspiring "pomme frites"...The mussels ($7 for an appetizer portion, $10 for a main, plus $3 for fries on the side) are fresh shellfish from Prince Edward Island in Canada's Maritimes. A generous bowl of maybe 20 goodies come sauced with an international set of options." [LEO Weekly]

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[Photo: Courtesy Facebook/Quattro]