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Sidebar to Open on Whiskey Row Before Derby

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Even though it's not scheduled to open until around May 2, Sidebar's already earning national press. In March, a Zagat's article on Louisville being one of "7 Up-and-Coming Food Cities Around the United States" pledged that the bourbon, burgers and beer spot "promises to spice up the town's whiskey row."

"Our goal is to perfect the concept [bourbon, burgers, and beer] and then open the envelope on what we can also offer for additional menu choices," wrote Jason Scot Pierce via email. Pierce left his job with Secrets of Louisville Chefs to become Sidebar's assistant general manager and culinary director.

Among the menu highlights Pierce singled out are
·a bourbon mushroom and beer-cheese burger
·truffle zucchini fries
·local tomato layer (tomato, blue cheese loaf, reduced balsamic, truffle oil),

As for the all-important, booze: "Barrel-aged cocktails are going to be a large emphasis for our bev program," Pierce wrote. "We are hoping to introduce some very exciting concoctions to the local market."

·Sidebar to open in Whiskey Row [Louisville Courier-Journal]
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[Photos: Whitney Harrod Morris]


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