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Robin Garr Reviewed MilkWood Again—and Found the Romaine Salad the Same

Two months after rating MilkWood a 94 for LEO Weekly, Robin Garr returned to review Edward Lee's February opening again, this time for the Voice-Tribune. And guess what? He still liked it! But this time, because Robin Garr is a professional writer, he used different words to say so. Sometimes.

·Garr in the March 13 LEO Weekly: "Romaine fresh and grilled ($7) featured a mix of tender grilled and crisp fresh lettuce dressed with tart-sweet grapefruit vinaigrette, soft ricotta, sunflower seeds and crunchy fried capers."

·Garr in the May 16 Voice-Tribune: "The romaine salad ($7) featured a mix of tender grilled and crisp fresh romaine lettuce dressed with a tangy grapefruit vinaigrette, dabs of sweet ricotta, and crunchy sunflower seeds and fried capers."

Ok, so that example appears to be the only instance of Robin quoting Robin in his MilkWood canon. And one can only describe a romaine salad, even Edward Lee's, so many ways. But Jesus H. Christ on a Popsicle stick, Garr, restaurant critics are getting let go left and right. Can't you even pretend to try sometimes? [Voice-Tribune]

For the Louisville Courier-Journal, Marty Rosen reviewed MilkWood. Unlike Garr, Rosen managed not to quote Garr in his article. In case you're curious, here's Rosen's taken on the aforementioned romaine salad: "A salad of grilled and fresh romaine freshened up our palates with creamy ricotta, crunchy fried capers and a perky grapefruit vinaigrette ($7)." As for more of Rosen's thoughts (Did you know Rosen also reviews plays (for LEO Weekly)? Oh Marty, is there anything you can't pass judgement on?): "Tender slabs of octopus bacon added flavor and texture to a starter of smashed potatoes (flattened fingerlings) dressed up with Kalamata olives, sour cream and a jalapeno puree that slowly revealed its heat ($9). A perfectly seared slab of wahoo was plated with an assortment of ingredients from the American and Asian garden, including a brightly colored pea puree, broccoli rabe and shiso leaves (fish of the day offerings, $25, rotate based on availability)."

For the second consecutive week, LEO Weekly ran Garr's review without a rating. And for the second consecutive week, the version he a-copied and a-pasted onto his Louisville Hot Bytes site does. In this instance, Garr scored Loui Loui's Authentic Detroit Style Pizza's an 85. Congrats, you beat Chipotle! (But it shouldn't have been that close.) After "review[ing] the geography of pizza, nature's most nearly perfect food," Garr actually talks about the food: "Loui Loui's Facebook page declares their pie 'the pizza that was born on the Detroit automotive assembly line in 1946.' It's an interesting variation, thicker than thin-crust pizza but lacking the depth of the casserolish Chicago-style. It's rectangular and cut in squares, made and served in shallow metal pans that — in the original form — were allegedly re-purposed from auto-parts trays acquired by workers in Detroit's auto factories. The base is a pure-white bread-like dough that comes out oddly reminiscent of Wonder Bread but much more tasty, baked in a bath of grease that turns the bottom into a deliciously caramelized crunchy crust surmounted by a half-inch of high-quality white bread, surmounted by an extra-thick blanket of creamy, molten cheeses, toppings over that, and dollops of tangy-sweet marinara sauce ladled over all that." [LEO Weekly]

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Loui Loui's Authentic Detroit Style Pizza

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