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Where to Eat at Louisville International Airport (SDF)

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Photo: Courtesy Louisville Regional Airport Authority

eater-airport-dining-guides.pngLouisville International Airport is the ninth busiest airport in the world. For cargo. And sadly cargo doesn't eat. If it did, UPS (the reason for all those packages) likely would demand better dining options. But hey, at least SDF's bathrooms—Dyson Airblade hand dryers!—are among the nicest of any airport.

Louisville International Airport's six standouts

Starbucks.jpg1) Starbucks: After enjoying Louisville's distinctive coffee culture, these spots allow departing travelers to get reacclimated to life back home. Sad fact, a pre-packaged sandwich at the recently renovated Starbucks after security is your best bet in the airport. [Between Concourse A and B, lobby before security]

2) La Tapenade: This Mediterranean grab n' go kiosk is new since Eater Louisville's original airport dining guide was published. And while it's yet to receive any feedback on Foursquare and it doesn't even have a Yelp page (can it really exist then?), its pre-packaged sandwiches and salads are among SDF's least bad options. [Gate 10]

KFC.jpg3) KFC: Eat local (or something)! But you'll need to finish before going through security, Colonel's Crispy Strips being a threat to national security and all. (Although it's unlikely TSA will detect a pocket full of popcorn chicken.) [Lobby before security]

Heine_Brothers.jpg4) Heine Bros. Coffee : Sadly SDF's one sop to a local coffee shop comes off like an after thought, stuck near baggage pick up. [Baggage pick-up lobby]

Woodford_Reserve.jpg5) Woodford Reserve Bar & Grill: Not looking forward to seeing whomever you're waiting to pick up? Down a Manhattan or three, then make them drive. [Lobby before security]

6) Chili's Too: Good news, it's not Chili's. Bad news, it kind of is. [Gate A5]

Bowman Field's one standout/only restaurant

1) Le Relais: Sadly the best terminal dining option is at the Louisville airport you're not flying out of. But you don't have to be killing time in the terminal waiting for your private jet to get stocked with Pappy to visit this art deco French bistro.

La Tapenade

Concourse A, Louisville, KY 40213

Le Relais

2817 Taylorsville Road, Louisville, KY 40205 502-451-9020