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C-J's Marty Rosen Lost His Thesaurus But Bravely Published Anyway

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The Louisville Courier-Journal's Marty Rosen conferred three stars (out of four) upon Loui Loui's Authentic Detroit Style Pizza. He then justified the rating in a similar fashion to a second grader's book report on Ramona the Pest. "Ten composed pizzas are on offer (for example, vegetarian, $13.49/$19.99/$27.99), Mama's Kitchen Sink (lots of stuff, of course, $18.49/$29.99/$39.99). There's the Loui Kentucky, an effective adaptation of the Hot Brown, made with chunky, moist turkey, crisp bacon and a good Mornay ($12.99/$22.99/$29.99), and a spicy Asian-inflected concoction made of shredded pork, onion straws and Sriracha sauce ($11.99/$21.99/$27.99). And you can build your own pizza starting with cheese ($9.99/$17.99/$22.99) and adding ingredients from a list ($1/$2/$2.50). As much as I liked the Loui Kentucky, I really like Loui Loui's red sauce, which pools atop each square in the pies that feature it. And I like that if you order garlic in your pizza, you get a generous dose of roasted cloves that melt in your mouth. And if you ask for fresh basil, it gets sprinkled over the top of your pizza just before it's sent to the table. I also like refreshing citrusy housemade limoncello cake. And I especially like that every month or so Vince Grisanti (formerly of Ferd Grisanti's) will be serving as guest chef at Loui Loui's, dishing up classic Grisanti dishes (check with the restaurant for dates and menus)." [Louisville Courier-Journal]

Robin Garr reviewed Sitar for LEO Weekly, which ran his treatise without a score for the third straight week. The version of the article he published on his own site, however, included the grade of an 83. That's an 83 everybody, 83. When he sees his review in LEO without his carefully calculated rating, does Robin "grrr?" [Yes, fully aware that last sentence is the dumbest one this site has yet published.] "'Sitar.' Sounds like 'guitar,' and sort of acts like one, too. This oversize Indian guitar-equivalent that the Beatles loved plays eerie, sinuous music that can't be duplicated on a keyboard because it slides into the spaces between the keys. When you think about it, Indian food is kind of like that, too." How much LSD does one have to take for that comparison to make sense? Anyway, "The lunch buffet line doesn't house an overly large selection, but it offers a good sampling of Indian flavors, with about a half-dozen vegetarian options to the left and a similar selection of meatful dishes to the right, salad in the middle and soups and dessert down at the end. We managed to sample just about all of it and judged it all above average for local Indian fare." [LEO Weekly]

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[Photo: Courtesy Facebook/Loui Loui's Authentic Detroit Style Pizza]


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Loui Loui's Authentic Detroit Style Pizza

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