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Why, I Do Declare the Pimento Cheese Social a Fabulous Success

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Please read this recap of Wednesday's Pimento Cheese Social as if it's being spoken aloud by a Kevin Spacey character, but not Keyser Söze.

Wednesday evening the Derby society season kicked off in grand fashion at Farmington with the second annual Pimento Cheese Social, sponsored by Original Makers Club and Garden and Gun. Confederate Savings Bonds not being the investment they once were, I give all my nieces and nephews lifetime subscriptions to Garden and Gun when they're born.

I haven't tasted pimento cheese that delicious since the time the Savannah side of my family reunited with the Charleston side. Emma Lou's Cafe, Feast BBQ, Proof on Main, Please and Thank You and Rye on Market's entries in the the pimento cheese recipe challenge delighted all the senses. Rye's pimento cheese was officially judged the winner, but with five different varieties of that tasty spread, who didn't win, I ask, who didn't win?

As for the refreshing beverages, the old fashioneds were flowing so quickly out of the Bulleit Bourbon Tear Drop Luxury Trailer you would've thought they were giving away sweet tea.

Some of the judges though, bless their hearts, were observed cutting in line to get their pimento cheese. Well I never! They must have checked their manners at the door along with their umbrellas.

Regardless, after such an amazing evening, it's beyond me how anyone in attendance could do anything afterwards other than return home, call their mother, read some Faulkner and cut a check to Sewanee.

·Woodford Reserve Derby Preview Benefits Churchill Downs Backside Learning Center [~ELOU~]
·Pimento cheese [Wikipedia]

[Photo: Ted Tarquinio]

Rye On Market

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Proof On Main

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Emma Lou's Cafe

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Please & Thank You

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Feast BBQ

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