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Why Can't Yelper Kimmy J. Get Some Good Service 'Round Here?

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Kimmy J. (0 friends) joined Yelp just last month. Based on her experiences though, it's possible Louisville might lose her before she even gets a chance to complete her profile. So far Kimmy J has written five reviews, giving all venues—three restaurants, one Vietnamese grocery and a CVS Pharmacy in Cambridge, Mass.—one star, mostly for service-related issues. Won't somebody step in before Kimmie J. gets disgusted with the treatment and leaves town (although probably not for Cambridge)?

·Sakura Blue"The service was suck."
·Little India Cafe—"I saw [a waiter] was using the same tablecloth to clean the table and the dishes and then he put the tablecloth back to his ARMPIT??? WTF? I dont think I will like to come back.....
·Jade Palace—"When she brought the order out to me, instead of leaving the food in front of me, she was just screaming out loud and said ' hey whose order"???

·Yelp and the Wisdom of the Lonely Crowd [New Yorker]
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[Photo: Courtesy Yelp]

Sakura Blue

4600 Shelbyville Road, Louisville, KY 40207 502-897-3600

Little India Cafe

3099 Breckenridge Lane, Louisville, KY 40220 502-479-3353

Jade Palace

1109 Herr Lane, Louisville, KY 40222 502-425-9878