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Robin Garr in LEO Weekly: 2 Restaurants 1 Review

"My friend Anne and I wanted to catch a quick lunch close to the office the other day, so we wheeled down the way just a mile or two and cut into a gritty little strip center with a Mexican grocery and taqueria on one end and an Iranian grocery and shawarma shop on the other," Robin Garr writes in the latest LEO Weekly. Apparently in an attempt to impress this ladyfriend of his, they dined at both spots—La Rosita and Anar Foodmart. And while a progressive mid-day meal likely isn't a "quick lunch," Garr was able to jot off a hasty review on both places—a glorified list of menu items for La Rosita, one sentence and no real opinions for Anar Foodmart—so he could expense or write off their tacos and shawarma. Then it was back to his office for some afternoon delight or, more likely, a nap. Attention veteran Garr watchers: this week was the fourth consecutive one where LEO Weekly ran Garr's review without a rating on his 1-100 scale; it marks the first time the version of his article he posts on his Louisville Hot Bytes site was score-free too. [LEO Weekly]

Marty Rosen accorded 2.5 stars out of 4 (good) to the 66-year-old Dizzy Whizz in the Louisville Courier-Journal:

This isn't artisanal sausage or house-cured bacon, but if an old-fashioned diner breakfast is in your future, you won't find better In fact, plenty of road-food fans passing through this part of the country make it a point to stop in at Dizzy Whizz. Many of those folks come for the Whizzburger, a tall double decker on a toasted bun with thin, crisp beef patties, cheese and a tart, tangy sauce that predates those Thousand-Island-like "special sauces" by decades. Whizz sauce is a white, creamy concoction with a flavor that some compare to tartar sauce — but to me, is really in a tangy class of its own. The burger itself is $3.49. A basket, with crisp fries and a good scoop of green-flecked creamy coleslaw, brings the total to $6.04. [Louisville Courier-Journal]

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[Photo: Courtesy Facebook/Anar Foodmart]

La Rosita

8730 Westport Road, Louisville, KY 40242 502-618-4588

Dizzy Whizz

217 W St. Catherine Street, Louisville, KY 40203 502-583-3828

Anar Food Mart (Hallal Meat And Food)

8730 Westport Road, Louisville, KY 42042 502-426-8180