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Havana Rumba Express & Tapas Bar's Bardstown Road Location to Open June 17

Havana Rumba Express & Tapas Bar's Bardstown Road location now has an opening date. And that date is June 17, according to a post on its Facebook page (while we haven't double-verified the tip, it seems like it's originating from a legit source).

Earlier this month, Urbanspoon ranked the original Havana Rumba among the country's most family-friendly restaurants. Judging by the 68 likes and 32 shares on Facebook, news of the opening is being well received by the Highlands' Double City Mini stroller-pushing set, which is desperately looking for a delicious but quick post-daycare Friday night diner option in an futile attempt to reclaim their younger, hipper days (which probably weren't all that much hipper).

Hey, that hurts. No wonder no one came to my birthday party.

[Via Consuming Louisville]

[Photo: Courtesy Facebook/Havana Rumba Express & Tapas Bar]