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Robin Garr Reviewed P.F. Chang's; LEO Weekly Commenter Does It Better

Rather than examine Robin Garr's latest LEO Weekly review, "Don't expect 'authentic,' but the apps satisfy at PF Chang's", let's just read the sole comment it received on the alt-weekly's website:

By cd348
Jeez, I guess that you guys have run out of real restaurants to review. Frankly, Chang's sucks, like Chili's, Friday's, etc. You should not try to help them justify their claim to be a restaurant. I am glad that they help provide a limited number of jobs (however low-paying they may be); but, they don't reserve a review.[LEO Weekly]
That guy.

The Louisville Courier-Journal again omitted the rating from a Marty Rosen review (how's that online strategy working out Gannett?). So let's say he gave Four Sisters

Four Sisters

2246 Frankfort Avenue, Louisville, KY 40206 502-384-4262