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Paula Deen's Racism Doesn't Happen In Louisville

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Yesterday it broke that Paula Deen enjoys smearing blacks about as much as she likes smearing butter.

Good news though Louisville-area residents: according to a PR rep for the Horseshoe Southern Indiana, home of the Paula Deen Buffet (2.5/5 stars on Yelp), Deen's casual racism has not afflicted our small town:

"Locally, Paula has had thousands of personal interactions with our diverse community of team members and guests and has always been kind and gracious to all," said Lizzet Verdi, marketing and communications supervisor for the casino, in an email to The Courier-Journal.

Perhaps the most incredulous claim in that sentence was that the absentee chef has had "thousands of personal interactions" here. If you're one of the masses to have had an audience with Deen, please relate your experience in the comments.

Also, if you're the winner of the casino's recent contest to have a private brunch with Deen, do get in touch—we'd like to be your guest.

·Reverse Dieting at the Deen [Louisville Magazine]

[Photo: Coutesy Horseshoe Southern Indiana/Paula Deen Buffet]

[Photo: Courtesy Harrrahs]

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