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Seviche Becomes First Kentucky Restaurant to Process and Sell Shelf-Stable Products

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After two years of working with a scientist, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and Kentucky and Louisville health department officials, Seviche: A Latin Restaurant has become the first restaurant in the state certified to process shelf-stable products, according to chef/owner Anthony Lamas.

"Chefs are doing lots of preserving and pickling fresh farm produce these days but [it] can only be done in refrigerator and not canned in jars," Lamas said via email. "What I'm able to do now is actually process in jars that can be left out on as 'shelf stable' products."

Seviche's canned foods will be available for retail purchase ($15) starting next week, according to Lamas. Seviche already uses its own shelf-stable products on its charcuterie and cheese plates. Its upcoming summer menu also will have a pickled vegetable plate.

"I'm surprised that no one in the state of Kentucky has done this," Lamas said. "After two years and several thousands of dollars, I guess I can see why."

"We will no longer buy any canned foods and be able to capture a beautiful in season tomato or vegetable and preserve this for a later time out of season. So think about having a wonderful heirloom tomato salsa or sauce in January!," Lamas said. "I'm really excited to be able to do this! My vegetables and pickles are going to have a little Latino spice of course! Think paw paw habanero preserves, or achiote aji amarillo pickled baby yellow beets, or smoky chipotle preserved summer tomatoes."

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[Photo: Courtesy Seviche]

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