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LEO Weekly Editors Scrapped Restaurant Critic Robin Garr's Rating System

On his Louisville Hot Bytes forum, critic Robin Garr explained why LEO Weekly dropped his scores from its reviews (as well as why the numbers kept appearing in the version he posted on his own site):

LEO editors decided they didn't want to use numbers. I had gone over to the 100-point scale (really 70-100) years ago for HotBytes because it followed the model of the major wine-rating systems (and school grades) and seemed more fine-grained than the CJ's four stars. But LEO's editors in their wisdom decided that they'd rather skip the mysterious numbering system entirely and let my words say what I feel. I wasn't excited about this idea initially, and continued putting a number rating on the HotBytes version of the review for a while, but eventually decided their way of thinking makes sense, so there it is.
So there it is.

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[Photo: Courtesy LEO Weekly]