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Horseshoe Southern Indiana to 'Monitor' the Paula Deen Situation

The Horseshoe Southern Indiana, home to the Paula Deen Buffet, issued this statement to WHAS 11 Friday evening regarding Deen's racist comments:

Paula Deen has acknowledged using a racial slur in the past. As a company with a longstanding commitment to diversity and inclusion, Horseshoe Southern Indiana is deeply disturbed by what we are reading in the press and strongly object to any use of racial epithets. We will continue to monitor the situation.
On Thursday, a PR rep for the casino was more supportive of Dean, telling the Louisville Courier-Journal,"Paula has had thousands of personal interactions with our diverse community of team members and guests and has always been kind and gracious to all."

WHAS 11 also found one person who agreed with the Food Network dropping Dean's show and another person who disagreed with its decision.

·Edward Lee on Paula Deen's Racist Comments and Anti-South 'Provocations' [~ELOU~]

[Photo: Courtesy Paula Deen]

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