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A Statistical Analysis of C-J, LEO and Yelp Restaurant Scores

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Last week Eater posted a table of restaurant scores from Louisville's most influential critics: the Louisville Courier-Journal's Marty Rosen, LEO Weekly's Robin Garr and Yelp's people who've figured out how to type.

The scores were crying like Paula Deen on Today for a little statistical analysis. But the math skills at the Eater Louisville satellite office are limited to calculating 20 percent and rounding up for quick and courteous service. Thankfully reader Matt's a little savvier. He sent in a spreadsheet (pronounced spred?SH?t) showing
·the top 10 most-disagreed-upon restaurants (led by Limestone, La Hacienda and Senor Iguana's)
·standard deviation of reviewer ratings

What purpose do these figures serve? Possibly less than the reviews themselves. But it's interesting nevertheless.

The table in .rtf format is here if you'd like to play with it too.



The table comparing review scores

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[Photos: Rosen, Courtesy Facebook/Marty Rosen; Garr, CourtesyTop 100 Wines; Yelp, Courtesy Yelp]