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13 Louisville Chefs Share Their Most Recent Greasy Spoon Visits

It's Greasy Spoons Week here on Eater. All across the Eater Universe, we'll be celebrating diners, dives and the like. To kick things off here, Eater asked Louisville chefs what greasy spoons they visited in the last month and (if they can remember, because these visits sometimes happen in the wee morning hours) what they ordered.

·Mark Ford, executive chef, St. Charles Exchange: "Until recently I had a Sunday night "date" at The Back Door with the love of my life. We do wings, veggie burgers, bombers, onion rings and Reubens. The kitchen is open until 2 am."

·Joe Banet, head chef, Rye on Market: "I frequent Chicken King quite often. My standard order is a dark & spicy 10 piece with a side of potato wedges. Although there are multiple occasions where I've left with 20 or even 30 pieces of louisville's finest fried bird. It's a sure fire way to make a friend or two when you show up with handfuls of spicy hot goodness. "

·John Varanese, chef/owner, Varanese: "Barbara Lee's Kitchen (2410 Brownsboro Rd., Louisville, KY 40206) - Ham and cheese omelet with cheesy hash browns and a side of corned beef hash. "

·Levon Wallace, executive chef, Proof on Main: "Cottage Inn"

·Paul Skulas, chef, : Barbara Lee's on 6/29/13 around 2-3 in the morning. Had the corned beef hash with two overeasy eggs. Black coffee and water to wash it down."

·Ryan Rogers, chef/owner, Feast BBQ: "The Back Burner Grill at The Back Door. Chicken Fingers and The Ultimate Nachos. Though even more recently, but not so much of a greasy spoon would be Chicken King for 30 spicy wing pieces."

·Andrew McCabe, chef de cuisine, Proof on Main: "Barbara Lee's kitchen. Mexican omelet."

·Edward Lee, chef/owner 610 Magnolia and MilkWood: "3 great places come to mind: Burger Boy in Old Louisville for their Cheeseburger, Indi's Spicy Fried Chicken with Fried Potato Wedges and a side of their vinegary hot sauce, and of course, it may be awful to eat during the day, but a Barbacoa Burrito from Burritos as Big as Your Head [La Bamba Burritos] somehow tastes like a culinary triumph at 2am!"

·Jess Huot, Grind Gourmet Burger Truck: "Does the Back Door count as a greasy spoon? If not, its a greasy something. Chicken Wings (hot sauce, extra crispy) and the infamous Nachos, at The Back Door. We're there an inappropriate number of times a month."

·Tyler Morris, executive chef, Rye on Market: "La Bamba: Steak Nachos."

·Sal Rubino, owner/operator, The Cafe: "Twig & Leaf, French Toast with two over easy eggs on top, sausage links on the side"

·Damaris Phillips, culinary instructor at Jefferson Community and Technical College and contestant on Food Network Star: "The best greasy spoons for breakfast, normal breakfast, not wee hours, are J Gumbos. On the last visit I had jambalaya AND an egg and cheese biscuit. How many places can you find with that combo. And The Fish House and Cafe Beignet. I Always have the hole in the walls AKA toad in a hole AKA eggs in a basket. And I have their potato latkes with applesauce! So delicious! Also D. Nalleys is always, always a good choice!"

·Jonathan Searle, chef, Prof on Main: "If it counts, Backdoor. Pile of hot wings and fries. Lots of large commodity jug blue cheese dressing buffalo sauce hybrid for dipping. The fries are the best/worst seasoned-battered-restaurant depot-bag fries ever. Kitchen opened til 3. That's a plus. Usually rushing post Nach at a quarter til 3 because you forget they're even an option? could be buyer's remorse in the morning. Barbara Lees is also solid."

Barbara Lee's Kitchen

2410 Brownsboro Road, Louisville, KY 40206 502-897-3967


2106 Frankfort Avenue, Louisville, KY 40206 502-899-9904 Visit Website

Cottage Inn

570 Eastern Pkwy., Louisville, KY 40217 502-637-4325

Holy Grale

1034 Bardstown Road, Louisville, Kentucky 40204 502-459-9939

Rye On Market

900 E Market Street, Louisville, KY 40202 502-749-6200 Visit Website

Proof On Main

702 West Main Street, , KY 40202 (502) 217-6360 Visit Website

Grind Gourmet Burger Truck

Moving Target, Louisville, KY 40215 502-851-7333

The Cafe

712 Brent Street, Louisville, KY 40204 502-589-9191 Visit Website

Indi's Fast Food Restaurant West Broadway

1033 W Broadway, Louisville, KY 40203 502-589-7985

Feast BBQ

116 W Main Street, New Albany, IN 47150 812-920-0454

La Bamba Burritos

1237 Bardstown Road, Louisville, KY 40204 502-451-1418

The Back Door

1250 Bardstown Road, Louisville, KY 40204 502-451-0659

610 Magnolia

610 West Magnolia Avenue, , KY 40208 (502) 636-0783 Visit Website


316 W Main Street, Louisville, KY 40202 502-584-6455 Visit Website

D. Nalley's

970 S. 3rd St., Louisville, KY 40203 502-588-2003

The Fish House And Cafe Beignet

1310 Winter Avenue, Louisville, KY 40204 502-568-2993 Visit Website

Chicken King

639 E Broadway, Louisville, KY 40202 502-589-5464

St. Charles Exchange

113 S 7th Street, Louisville, KY 40202 502 618 1917 Visit Website

Burger Boy

1450 S Brook Street, Louisville, KY 40208-2056 502-635-7410 Visit Website