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lemongrass_restaurant.JPGIn "Skip fast-food joints at lunch and eat at these four authentic, affordable restaurants," Insider Louisville highlights, um, four authentic, affordable restaurants you should lunch at instead of a fast food joint. Its picks: Charim Korean Restaurant, Lemongrass Restaurant, Jasmine Chinese Cuisine and El Mariachi Restaurante Mexicano. Got another suggestion? Offer it up in our comments. [Insider Louisville]

Lemongrass Restaurant

344 North 4th Avenue, , AZ 85705 (520) 274-7131 Visit Website

Jasmine Chinese Cuisine

13823 English Villa Drive, Louisville, KY 40245 502-244-8896

Charim Korean Restaurant

4123 Oechsli Avenue, Louisville, KY 40207 502-290-8900 Visit Website

El Mariachi Restaurante Mexicano

990 LaGrange Road, Louisville, KY 40223 502-413-5770