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Readers Vote: Louisville's Most Missed Closed Restaurants

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Recently, Eater Louisville asked you to name the one Louisville-area restaurant you miss the most. Between the comments after the article, emails and social media, we received 50 different responses.

Here are your most missed restaurants, not in map form because they exist only in our memories (gag). Have another suggestion? To the comments you should go.

·Afro-German Tea House
·Bahama Breeze
·Blue Boar Cafeteria
·Café Metro
·Club Grotto
·The Chick Inn
·Colonnade Cafeteria
·Essex House
·Fifth Quarter
·Fun City Pizza
·The Fig Tree
·Flabby's Schnitzleburg
·Joe Davola's
·Kim's Korean
·Kunz's the Dutchman
·Lentini's Little Italy
·La Paloma
·Lynn's Paradise Café
·Mama Grisanti
·Mo' Flav
·New Orleans House
·The Old House
·Oldenburg Grill
·The Orchid Room
·Pig City BBQ
·Pigasus BBQ
·The Pine Room
·Red Lounge
·Red Pepper
·Rib Tavern
·The Rock Wall
·Stewart's Basement Coffee Shop
·Tony Roma's
·The Top of the Tower
·Victoria Station
·Wesley's Ranch House
·3rd Avenue Café
·732 Social

·All Eater Maps [~ELOU~]

[Photo: Courtesy 732 Social]