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'Cronuts' Make Their Louisville Debut at Wiltshire Pantry Bakery and Cafe

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Wiltshire Pantry Bakery and Cafe is selling Cronuts, according to an update on its Facebook page posted about an hour ago. Don't get too excited though: as of 33 minutes ago only two remained they are sold out. The Cronuts will be available again on Friday. The cost, $1.75.

Contacted on July 2 in response to a rumor that Wiltshire Pantry Bakery and Cafe was selling Cronuts, owner Susan Hershberg replied, "We are resisting the craze..!!" This morning, via email, she explained the change of heart: "Well...our baker has been harassed into making them!

So what the hell is a Cronut? New York chef Dominique Ansel, who created the pastry for his eponymous bakery, describes them as "half croissant, half doughnut." Since their launch on May 10, Cronuts have gone viral in a manner usually reserved for kittens, spawning countless knockoffs and lines several blocks long outside of Ansel's Manhattan bakery. Ansel has been diligent about preserving the Cronut trademark. "We will immediately come up with a new name," Hershberg said.

See you in line at Wiltshire Friday morning. It opens at 7 a.m.

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[Photo: Whitney Harrod Morris]

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